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Person-Centered Care in Practice Package

Materials for a system-wide update of an elder or dementia care facility

Product Features:

  • Describes why and how to make the transformative changes
  • Offers step-by-step guidance for the transition process
  • Provides the model and framework, assessment, training, and evaluation tools
  • Includes three helpful tools: Person-Centered Care in Practice: Tools for Transformation Book, Modeling Person-Centered Care in Practice DVD, and Person-Centered Care in Practice for Families Book
Product Name Item No. Price Qty
Person-Centered Care in Practice - Complete Package PCC-10W $199.00
Person-Centered Care in Practice Book PCC-02W $129.00
Modeling Person-Centered Care in Practice DVD PCC-06W $99.00
Person-Centered Care for Families - Book PCC-F02W $19.00
Person-Centered Care for Families - Book 10 Pack PCC-F10W $149.00



Person-centered care is a transformative method of achieving positive culture changes throughout your long-term care setting. The Person-Centered Care in Practice Package guides you, step by step, through the transition process to a system-wide model of care focused on engaging the whole person.

The Package consists of three complementary components: Person-Centered Care in Practice: Tools for Transformation BookModeling Person-Centered Care in Practice DVD, and one copy of the colorful Person-Centered Care in Practice for Families book. Together they give you the background knowledge, implementation tools, and training resources to successfully transform your organization and support clients and their families. Authors Lyn Geboy and Beth Meyer-Arnold offer a practical approach to implementing person-centered care. 

Person-Centered Care in Practice: Tools for Transformation Book
Based on the authors’ 10-year partnership of research and real-world experience, this book guides you through the essentials so you can manage a facility-wide implementation: create and sustain real change, assess your progress, and stay on track. Realistic strategies and illustrated examples help you focus on what’s necessary in your facility for a successful transformation.

  • Recognize how the Place-Based Model for Change helps improve practice, programs, and services.
  • Establish a clear mission incorporating seven values.
  • Collect baseline and ongoing data.
  • Focus on participants’ and residents’ engagement.
  • Reflect the interests, experiences, and preferences of the participants in your program.
  • Increase and enhance staff interactions.
  • Create meaningful activities.
  • Nurture concurrent small groups.
  • Personalize the physical environment.

The Toolkit makes it happen with 24 reproducible resources, like the Plan of Care Guide, Interactions Training Worksheet, and Place Experience Assessment. The Book includes a disc with both PDF and customizable Word versions of the documents in the Toolkit, plus a Facility-Wide license for printouts.

Full-color, covered spiralbound book, 208 pgs., 2011. Includes a disc with a printable PDF of the book and customizable Word version of the Toolkit.

Modeling Person-Centered Care in Practice DVD
Created for professional caregivers and family care partners, this DVD features people with dementia as they go about their days, and shows professional caregivers in action. Training your
administration and staff in person-centered care is easier when they can see and hear the difference for themselves. Family members will appreciate seeing caring and creative ways for understanding and coping with the behaviors of their loved ones. This training tool demonstrates a variety of simple, commonsense techniques for building relationships, as well as imaginative and innovative  approaches for preventing and defusing challenging behaviors through engagement.

DVD, 27 min., CC, SDH subtitles, 2014.

Person-Centered Care in Practice for Families book
When a family member is living with mild cognitive impairment or dementia, the whole family should be prepared and ready to experience new responsibilities, situations and emotions. This book is designed to help families and care partners better understand and handle the life changes that happen when a loved one is diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or dementia.

This colorful easy to read guidebook is full of pictures and tips for things you can do now keep your brain and body as healthy as possible, practical strategies for managing the changes ahead, and suggestions for staying in control of your life. Includes many ideas to help people with dementia and caregivers transition into their new roles. 

Full-color, perfectbound  book, 80 pgs., 2015.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Subject Aging Resources, Professional Resources
Age Group Older Adult
Author Beth Meyer-Arnold and Lyn Geboy
ISBN 1-57861-772-3,1-943148-47-3
Format Print
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Copyright N/A

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